Zent Cash Payment Solutions

Benefits with Zent Cash

Cash for a connected world.
Fast. Private. Secure.
With Zent Cash, you are your own bank.

Accepted Worldwide
Worldwide Network

Decentralised Currency
Decentralized Currency

Safe And Secure
Safe And Secure

Low Inflation Risk
Instant Transactions

Easy Payment
Easy Payment

What is Zent Cash

Zent is a payment evolution system

Crypto currency with Proof-of-Work blockchain technology settlement layer based on CryptoNote (Cryptonight TRTL V2 algorithm)

Decentralized payment system without intermediaries. Fast, cheap and easy.

Why Zent Cash?

Community driven and democratic system.

Transparent and open source, Zent Cash project is developed by our team on a yearly community poll basis all over the world. All partners with an active wallet are invited to vote.

Our principles are simplicity, democracy and evolution.

Wallets and other files Click here


  • Q1, 2019
    Company incorporation

  • Q2, 2019
    Official Whitepaper & GUI Wallet

  • Mac OS Wallet launch

  • Exchanger inclusion

  • Q3, 2019
    Zent Faucets

  • Web Wallet

  • Q4, 2019
    Zent Miner Software

  • Annual referendum

  • 2020

  • Zent Games network & other API´s

  • Zent App and wallet chat integration

  • Annual referendum

  • 2021

  • Zent Visa prepaid launch

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you contribute with Zent Project?

Do you like Zent? You can to contribute in different ways. At the moment, we are searching for:

  • Miners, the most important users of our community
  • Devs & Graphic designers. This project will be growing forever, so if you can help you are very welcome!
  • Translators, marketing experts, advisors, and any person interested in Zent can join our team, just contact us!

Simply put, the Roadmap contains only the baseline objectives needed to make Zent stable and solid.

Everything else, including the direction where we are headed and development of the project will be decided entirely by the community


Zent have a 4% of premine coins in order to create the essential things needed to launch and maintain a stable blockchain platform

These coins will be used for developing and launching the website, the VPS seednodes, development and other bounties, exchanger rewards...

How can I contact Zent team?

We will try to give the best of us to help you, so please join in our different social media

  • Discord & Telegram chat for support and community relationship
  • Twitter & Bitcointalk for 24/7 announcements
  • Github, website contact form and e-mail for devs contributions, proposals, talk about our code and everything else.

Check our exchager partners list

Join us in Discord! We have an otc-trading channel


You can mine it directly from Wallets, or join any Zent pool

There is plenty of software supporting our algorithm, like XMR-Stack, Xmrig (CC), SRB Miner... We offer continued multilingual support on our Discord channels

app image
Mobile App

Manage everything with your finger tips.

  • COMING SOON! Please check our roadmap
  • Do you want to contribute? Contact

We only work with the best